2020 OABL Liability

By accepting this agreement, as a player and/or as an individual playing on the team set forth herein or as assigned by tournament officials, hereby consent and agree to the following parameters as conditions of participation in the National Adult Baseball Association, Inc.'s (NABA) leagues and tournaments.

I certify that I have a valid NABA contract on file with my league president or the NABA National Office and that this is subject to verification. I also understand that if the contract is not on file, any tournament game I participate in will be subject to forfeiture.

I certify that I am aware of the league rules and guidelines and NABA rules regarding player conduct and am aware that these rules apply to this league.

I understand that violation of any part of this contract (and/or the rules contained in the regular season NABA contract) can result in disciplinary action against me or my team, including forfeiture of games, suspension from play, or permanent expulsion from this league and/or the NABA. I understand that the NABA reserves the right to refuse any player or team permission to play in any NABA event, including this league.

I realize that the total responsibility of any personal injury, accident, illness, disability, death, property damage and/or other occurrence to any person, place or thing, including me and mine, that occurs due to my actions or the actions of others while I am participating in any NABA league game and/or other function, is solely mine.

I will not possess or consume any alcoholic beverages or drugs at any time on the playing field, in the dugouts, bleachers, or other areas near or around the playing field, or within on hundred (100) yards of the playing field facility, including, but not limited to, the parking lots of any facility.

I understand that I must be able to identify myself with a driver's license or other photo ID at any officially scheduled NABA league game, or I will be ineligible to continue in the game. Any substitute for me will enter the game under the rules governing player ejection.

In consideration of the foregoing and being allowed to participate in the NABA activities or functions, including, but not limited to, this league, its games, practices and meeting, and intending to be legally bound for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, I do hereby release and discharge the NABA, including but not limited to, the National Organization, its officers, directors, agents, contractors and employees, any city, county and/or state organization or any other governing body that may have jurisdiction over any baseball field or other facility that I might play on, any other owners, lessors or provider of fields or facilities (whether privately held or otherwise), any umpires or umpire organizations, and their respective officers, directors, agents, contractors, employees and other players in the Association, jointly and severally, from any and all liability from personal injury, accident, illness, disability, death, property damage or other occurrence which I may suffer in any manner whatsoever arising out of or resulting from my participation in this league or any NABA activity of function held in conjunction therewith; and I expressly assume all risk of my participation in these activities or functions.

I agree that in the event of rain, any Acts of God or forces beyond NABA's control, league officials may make every reasonable effort to complete the full league schedule. Alternate schedules, shortened games, reduced numbers of playoff teams or other means may be used to attempt to complete the league play. I hereby acknowledge and agree that neither the NABA nor its agents may be held liable for games which cannot be played for reasons as described herein.